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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing on How Jakarta Can Maximize One of Its Potentials to Attract More Tourists

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing on How Jakarta Can Maximize One of Its Potentials to Attract More Tourists

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Jakarta Great Sale Festival (FJGS) 2017 is expected to increase the number of tourists visiting the country's capital city, a Jakarta tourism official stated.


"The FJGS program has continued to improve every year, and it is expected that the number of tourists will also increase through this activity," Head of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Service Catur Laswanto noted at a press conference on the FJGS 2017 in Jakarta on Thursday.


Laswanto remarked that Jakarta has an advantage in the form of numerous shopping centers and malls that make the capital a tourist destination.


"Unlike other regions that have natural wealth that makes them a tourist destination, Jakarta has several shopping centers, and this is a tourist attraction," Laswanto emphasized.


The tourism official is optimistic that the FJGS 2017 will be able to compete with various shopping festivals in other Asian countries, as the products on offer are more complete and are available at lower prices.


"I laud the implementation of the FJGS 2017. Hopefully, this activity will continue to grow from time to time. We hope the FJGS would become a leading event in Jakarta," Laswanto affirmed.


This year, the FJGS will be held from June 2 to July 12, 2017. This event will be followed by 81 malls or shopping centers, 40 traditional markets of the Jakarta market operator PD Pasar Jaya, and 12 hotels and retailers from shopping centers.


During the FJGS 2017, a midnight shopping program or Midnight Sale will be held every week alternately in 27 shopping centers in Jakarta. In addition to the shopping program, the FJGS 2017 will also hold social activities.


In collaboration with the Jakarta Red Cross, the FJGS committee will hold Mass Blood Donation events in 36 shopping centers in Jakarta during the FJGS 2017.

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Help the Environment with the Bring the Bag Campaign at Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing

Help the Environment with the Bring the Bag Campaign at Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing

“Paper or plastic?” It’s a fairly innocuous question that cashiers at retail stores ask as you complete your shopping experience, but how you answer that query can have a far reaching impact on Galveston’s environment.


Plastic bags are one of those modern conveniences that became commonplace before we even took a moment to consider their environmental impact. But Joanie Steinhaus, campaign director, Gulf Coast for the Turtle Island Restoration Network, which partnered with the Surfrider Foundation Galveston Chapter to develop the Bring the Bag Campaign, says plastic bags have become a scourge to the environment for a number of reasons.


“Plastic bags don’t biodegrade; they break down into tiny particles that are found throughout the water and soil,” Steinhaus said. “They also absorb toxins, and we know that fish and birds consume these micro plastics. Plus, they are a significant source of litter and contribute to flooding by getting stuck in storm drains.”


The Bring the Bag campaign was launched in 2014 as an education and outreach initiative to bring attention to the potentially devastating ecological effects created by plastic bags and to encourage the use of reusable bags. Steinhaus says studies show that the use of reusable bags helps to eliminate an estimated 22,176 plastic bags per person over their lifetime.


Galveston city council members are in the process of considering a ban on the use of plastic bags on the island, and the Bring the Bag Campaign is helping to support that effort by providing information to the public and reaching out to businesses to garner their support. Part of that outreach will include Galveston Bring the Bag Day, scheduled for April 22. City leaders are encouraging businesses to reduce and eliminate plastic bags and are educating island visitors to be good stewards of the environment.


“We have multiple businesses on the island that have made the decision not to use plastic bags. We have also done outreach with homeowner’s associations, businesses, hotel and lodging associations and others so we can understand what impact a plastic bag ban would have on merchants. Plastic bags cost much less than reusable bags, so one thing we’ve discussed is forming a co-op to help businesses make the transition (to reusable bags).”


Brownsville, Austin and South Padre are among a handful of Texas cities to enact anti-plastic bag bans, but subsequent efforts on the part of cities are being met with resistance in the form of threatened lawsuits. Steinhaus was part of a group that traveled to Austin this month to voice opposition to Senate Bill 103, which seeks to prevent cities and counties from enacting plastic bag bans on the basis that it is a decision that should be made at the state level, rather than local.


Steinhaus said there are many ways for interested volunteers to help the cause. For more information on how to get involved, visit Bringthebag.org.

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Cycling Tours Tokyo, Japan: Courses

We may be able to switch tour dates or add new dates. If the schedule doesn't match with yours, please send us a request through reservation form.




Departure: Please check the calendar

(Can be arranged by your request)

Availability: 10 persons each day

Duration: About 6 hours

Price: 9000yen/person


Included: Rental bike, Nationally lisenced English speaking guide, helmet (on request), cruise fair and insurance.

Not-included: Lunch


Meeting at Kachidoki (9:30am)

Tsukiji Fish Market (wholesale market is closed on Sundays, some Wednesdays and holidays. In the case, we will visit either the retail market area or Hamarikyu Japanese Garden.)

Rainbow Bridge walk

Odaiba Marine Park

Diver City Tokyo

Lunch (around 12:00pm)


Tokyo Bay cruise from Odaiba to Hinode ( 20 minutes)

End at Yurikamome Hinode Station (U04) (3:15pm)

You can stay in Odaina and take the cruise later if you want.


Note: Visiting places may be omitted or replaced because of operational reason. The guide will explain in that case.


The Rainy Day Tour

- We conduct the tour by using public transportation on rainy days. We may omit or replace some places.


After-tour recommendations:

- Hot spring experience at Oedo Onsen (No bathing suit allowed)

- National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (10-17, close on Tuesdays)

- Trick Art Museum

- Fuji TV station observatory (500yen)

- Gotouch Menmatsuri (Ramen restaurants)

- Takoyaki Museum (Takoyaki shops)

- Venus Fort Outlet

- Lego Land Discovery Center Tokyo

- Tokyo Joy Police (Sega amusement park)




On this tour we mainly explore Odaiba which is on man-made islands located in the Tokyo Bay. This area has many interesting spots but it's too large to walk. Biking is the best way to look around this huge area. We stop by some interesting facilities and give you time to look around. Probably you want to come back to these facilities later and spend more time. That's why we end this tour in Odaiba. We finish the tour with the cruise. We againg cross Rainbow Bridge but this time you will see it from the cruise ship.

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Security and Risk Complaints Online on Building a 'human firewall'

A recent research study Mimecast conducted with Vanson Bourne revealed that 66% of the surveyed South African businesses said that they thought it likely that their organization would suffer from cyber-criminal activity in 2017.


So said Mimecast MD Brandon Bekker, adding that there are three major threats his organization believes SA businesses are facing in terms of IT security.




"Ransomware will explode to become one of the biggest threats, fuelled by smaller ‘opportunist' attackers using off-the-shelf kits to deploy malware. This is an easy and cheap attack method that produces fruitful results. Few organisations have effective defenses against this type of malware and now with bitcoins enabling the perpetrators to increase distance from their victims further, it has never been so easy to get away with it," he adds.


When asked how to prevent or mitigate attacks of this nature, he says cyber criminals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and insidious, and are continually revising, updating and re-inventing their tactics and technologies to carry out an attack.


Because of this, preventive systems, such as anti-virus and intrusion prevention systems, are rendered inadequate. "Planning exclusively to help prevent cyber-attacks, like ransomware, isn't enough. It's time for businesses to implement a total cyber resilience strategy that includes security, continuity and data recovery."


In his view, the ideal approach is to layer together state-of-the-art preventive systems, point-in-time recovery measures, and a means to maintain business continuity during a ransomware attack. He adds that education, or ‘building a human firewall' plays a vital role, because the more staff can be aware of attacks such as ransomware, the more educated eyes can be on the problem.


The insider threat


According to Bekker, insider threats are also high on the list, and according to a Forrester Technology Adoption Profile study, these threats impact 99% of organisations surveyed.


In addition, these businesses said they had experienced some form of insider security incident in the past 24 months and 36% discovered insiders e-mailing sensitive data out of the organisation.


"With the POPI Act in the spotlight, organisations need to ensure that sensitive corporate data is not being accidentally or purposefully leaked externally; no business wants to be made an example of by the Information Regulator," cautions Bekker.


The third threat was revealed to be e-mail impersonation, or whaling, which continues to plague businesses in South Africa. The Mimecast study showed that 51% of those surveyed reported seeing an increase in impersonation fraud where recipients are asked to make wire transactions.


Bekker says impersonation technology, in conjunction with regular employee education, will help business protect themselves from these attacks.


What we're doing wrong


Speaking of what SA companies are doing wrong in light of these three threats, Bekker says although many SA businesses are developing stronger cyber resilience strategies, and cyber activity is being discussed seriously and regularly in boardrooms across the country, IT budgets still limit organisations that need the advanced, layered protection required to protect them from the evolving threat landscape.


"In their move to the cloud, many organisations believe that sufficient security is being built into their messaging platform. We are finding that the increased pace of development in the cybercrime underworld needs to be matched by a focused security solution that integrates with the messaging platform but focuses on the protection of corporate data."


In terms of what businesses could be doing better, Bekker says there is a vast amount of information out there and many perspectives about what the future holds. "IT managers need to continue exploring all the options, researching the options and meeting with different providers to better understand how they can build a strong cyber resilience strategy and how to layer the right set of solutions into that strategy."

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: A reliable team providing a good car service

Committed to providing an excellent car service to any individuals is what Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group is known for in Southbourne. The company has been delivering a reliable and honest service to their customers for several years now and their team is constantly receiving good reviews for their smart and practical service.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group could indeed provide utmost care to your car with their meticulous work. Each manager is equipped with extensive experience in this particular field. George Mandair, as well as other managers, usually gets good feedbacks from the customers. It’s nothing surprising for a trustworthy service. People with car related concerns can count on the capabilities of the company in giving solutions to their problems.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has been involved in the trades in South Coast of Hampshire, building their firm reputation throughout the years. It is also a family run company that can truly handle any of your car problems with proper care.


Included in their services are brake checks, car servicing, searching for good tyres, MOTs, as well as free seasonal checks. You can also obtain a quick tyre quote and reserve your tyres for fitting through their online service.


The company always target to provide convenience to their customers and as a result, they also offer a local collect and a return service to them. We suggest to ask them about the service when you booked since their team can answer and address any of your other car concerns.


All of their depots can also check your car’s windscreen wipers and can conduct a full engine overhaul. Many customers have been satisfied with their ability in handling car works. What’s more is the company’s good selection of free service checks.


You may contact the local depot of Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group for further information about their car services. 

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Oakmere Wealth Management Advisors: Chartered Financial Planner

Carla Brown graduated through the Chartered Insurance Institute and has been awarded the title Chartered Financial Planner by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).


Chartered Status is the profession's gold standard for financial planners. It confirms that every Chartered Financial Planner has completed a suite of professional qualifications equivalent to a bachelor's degree.


It also involves a commitment to continuing professional development and adherence to an industry standard Code of Ethics. You can view the Code at www.cii.co.uk/code.

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Fraud Detection Solutions : How to prevent Bitcoin fraud?

Bitcoin (BTC) is an anonymous electronic payment that acts like cash. There is no chargeback or Bitcoin fraud in BTC transactions.


However, there is a possibility that service providers such as web hosting suffered from abuse of services by customers using BTC as anonymous payment method. FraudLabs Pro can help you to screen out these high-risk customers.


Below is the recommended rules to screen BTC customers using FraudLabs Pro.


1.    If Visitor IP is in Anonymous Proxy Record, then trigger manual review.

2.    If Visitor IP is in Blacklisted Record, then trigger manual review.

3.    If Device IP is in Blacklisted Record, then trigger manual review.

4.    If ISP Usage Type is Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit or Content Delivery Network, then trigger manual review.

5.    If Distance Between Visitor City & Shipping City > 100 miles, then trigger manual review.